Marcel Maffei (born in 1987 ,Germany), based in Dortmund  is a documentary and portrait photographer who focuses on stories
about society, social issues and culture life. His narrative and analytic way of photography sheds light on
important  topics and different matters in his personal and intimate style. Based in Germany, Maffei is also working                                                                                      in many Post Soviet countries like Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia among others. 

He graduated from University with his Awarded and honored work
„Blindes Ponichala“ where he showed the life of a post Soviet working ghetto for Blind people
in the former Soviet country Georgia. 


Currently attending a Master Class in Photography at the Dortmund University of applied Arts.
Graduated from the International Class in Photojournalism at the Danish School of Media and Journalism, DMJX, Aarhus
Bachelor Degree in Photography. University of applied Arts Dortmund

Awards and Nominations

- CPOY #71 Best International Picture Story 2016, Bronze Award, with Living on the Line of Fire

-Finalist, Canon Profifoto Award 2016
-Winner, Canon Profifoto Award 2015, with Blindes Ponichala

-Shortlisted, Felix Schoeller Award 2015, with Blindes Ponichala


Selected Clients and Publications

Die Zeit, Stern, Stern Crime, Focus Magazine, CNN USA, Leica AG, DGPH, 11Freunde Magazine,

Vice Magazine de, Die Zeit Online, Hoemma Magazin, Splash&Grab,

Vice Magazine AU/SW, Vice Online, Profifoto Magazine,

Die Nummer Magazin, Mein Land Agentur, United Nations (UNHCR),

Superior Magazin, Tagesspiegel, Berliner Morgenpost

WP, Frontnews, 



F2 Fotofestival. Group Show "Borders of Photography". Dortmund, Germany


- Leica Upcoming Masters of Photography, selected works,  Cologne, Germany

- Lumixfestival, Container Village Installation. Hannover, Germany

- Group Show at FB2 Gallery with "Die Heimat Ruft" Dortmund, Germany

- Schauraum 10 with „Blindes Ponichala“ Westfalenhallen Dortmund, Germany
- Group Show at Dortmunder U Zentrum für Kunst und Kreativität with „Raum und Gefühl“ Dortmund, Germany
- Beyond the Common Show at Kolga Tbilisi Foto with „Blindes Ponichala“ Tbilisi, Georgia
- Group Show at Infarm Berlin, with „Raum und Gefühl“ work in progress installation Berlin, Germany
BRCA - Group Show at Altes Museum Ostwall „Blindes Ponichala“ Dortmund, Germany

2014 - Group Show at Les Rencontres d‘Arles „damoukideblad//damokidebulia“ Arles, France
2013 - Group Show at Podest FH Dortmund „Selected Images“ Dortmund, Germany
2012 - Solo Show at Boulevard Berlin/European Month of Photography „Die Sicht der anderen“ Berlin, Germany
2012 - Group Show at BTK Berlin „Selected Images“ Berlin, Germany
2011 - Group Show at BTK Berlin „Selected Images“ Berlin, Germany
2011 - Group Show at Museum für Kommunikation Berlin „Graduating Faces“ Berlin, Germany
2011 - Group Show at BTK Berlin „Selected Images“ Berlin, Germany
2010 - Group Show at BTK Berlin „Selected Images“ Berlin, Germany